Why You Should Add A Forum To Your Website

When trying to determine how to increase your website’s performance, your first instinct might be to reanalyze its design. Although this could be a contributing factor, improving metrics, like time spent on page and how many visits in a day, boils down to one issue—what sort of value does your website provide?

An Asynchronous Solution for Virtual Teams

Coordination with teams not co-located is one of the mains struggles of virtual team leaders. This is why it is important to invest in effective information and communication technologies. The two options that you must choose between are either synchronous or asynchronous communication solutions. Synchronous communication happens at the same time and includes face-to-face conversations, … Continue reading

How To Grow Your Forum Community

One of the toughest tasks facing community owners is consistently achieving large levels of growth. Both new and current owners fight this battle every day. To grow your community successfully, you need to be diligent in these four areas: fo...

How Company Culture Affects Your Bottom Line

Many don’t consider how poor company culture can affect employee retention, health, and the customer’s overall experience with the brand.

Your Multi-Channel Help Desk Is Degrading Your Customer Experience

Online customer support is a world in flux. Almost every customer support platform encourages practices that bog down your support team