Single Sign-On Specs

How does it work?

Single Sign-On connects the login systems of your existing website and your forum. Once you install it, logged-in users moving from your website to your forum will be automatically logged into a forum account that is created on-the-fly, just for them.

The same credentials they use on your website will be reflected on the forum account, all without having to register. It's all done automatically.

Installing Single Sign-On is quick and easy. If you need help getting started, our developers are ready and willing to help clarify on the instructions for you.

Here's what you'll need:

A website with an existing login system (like Wordpress)
Access to the back-end of that website
One of the following installed:

Here's how you'll install it:

Create a data structure containing user information for the user you want to log in
Add two bits of code addressing the two possible login scenarios
Generate a signup URL that you'll use when sending users from your primary website to your forum

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to implement?
Single Sign-on is straightforward to implement. It does require some basic knowledge of web scripting, as you will need to integrate it with your existing login system. However, for most common authentication platforms, this integration is relatively simple to achieve, and our developers are ready and willing to help you.
Does this work with social media login? does not support logging in through social media networks at this time.
How much does it cost?
If you're on our Complete or VIP plan, Single Sign-On is included in your subscription! If you're on the "Essentials" plan, the service can be added to your subscription by upgrading to the next plan tier.