Insite Forwarding™ Helps you reach the top

Traditional SEO

To determine search rankings for your website, search engines look at the content that lives under your domain name. In the past, if you wanted to add a forum to your existing website, you had only a very few options, none of which contribute at all to the SEO of your primary website.

Supercharged SEO with Insite Forwarding

We use our proprietary InSite Forwarding technology to allow your forum to live under your main website's domain. This looks to search engines like the forum is simply another section of your website, contributing directly to the SEO value of your primary domain.

Reach Higher than the Competition

Search engines love fresh and unique content. InSite Forwarding harnesses the SEO value of all the content being generated by the members of your forum and funnels it straight to your primary domain. It's like having an entire team working around the clock to improve your website's SEO. With help like this, you'll reach that coveted first spot in the search rankings in no time.